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How can I protect my leather jewellery?

Cherish your leather jewellery as you would your favourite leather boots or handbag. Leather is a natural material and general wear or cleaning may cause shrinkage, stretching or colour variations. Leather products benefit from leather cream which prevents the product from cracking. It is advised to apply leather cream when the product is first removed from the packaging or when it feels dry.It’s a good idea to take it off before you shower or bathe.

How do I protect my other jewellery?

We recommend that you take off your jewellery before going to bed or when taking part in any physical activity. Don’t swim wearing your jewellery because chlorine or salt water will make it matte and dull. Avoid contact with make-up, creams and perfumes and do not bathe, shower or wash up when wearing jewellery. Important: avoid the use of chemical agents, particularly those products used to tackle the housework. These types of cleaning products are especially harmful to dark silver jewellery with an oxidized finish.

What if an item is missing from my order?

Please contact our Customer Services Team on email within 48 hours of receipt if you have an issue with your order.